Books of the Bible Flash Cards: Letter Size

Help students memorize books of the Bible with these Books of the Bible flash cards. Each card has the name of the book in a legible font, with a unique graphic. Images match the Trading Cards for consistency. Great for displaying on the wall or in front of a large class.

Laser printed on one side in color on light, white card stock (67 lb. or similar), 11" x 8.5" for easy class viewing. Available in English, French, & Spanish. Suitable for laminating.

Note: In all versions, books like 1, 2 and 3 John are combined onto a single card. New Testament has 21 cards plus a cover card. Old Testament has 36 cards plus a cover card.

Catholic Canon: Choose this option to also receive the following books (Judith, Tobit, Sirach, Wisdom, Baruch, 1 & 2 Maccabbees)

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