Bible Verse Bingo - Printable Download

Instant Download: Printable Bible Verse Bingo cards

-36 Unique Cards each featuring short Bible verses suitable for all ages
-Call Cards
-Two Bingo cards per letter-sized page (each card is 5.5" high by 8.5" wide)
-PDF file - easy to store and print
-Print it tonight - the exact amount you need
-Print on copy paper for one-time use. Print on card stock and/or laminate for multiple uses. 

You can use coins, cereal, or markers to mark off called books. 
Call cards can be used to play memory matching games, as well. Just print two sets.
Great for community groups, senior centers, Sunday School, youth groups.
You will be able to download this file immediately upon payment.
Mixed translations used - no paraphrases.

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Price $7.99

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