One of Each Trading Card Bundle

One of each Bible Trading Card currently available. Includes New Testament, Old Testament and Parables cards. Made for teachers by a teacher - you always know what cards you are getting so you can integrate them into the lesson.

Testimonial      received by e-mail and used by permission.

"My name is Therese V. and I have brought a few of your products. My main purchase is the Bible Trading Cards. I give them out as rewards to my students. I teach children’s church ages 8 thru 12 years olds. Between 40 to 70 kids. When I first start teaching that class I wanted to hand out wow’s so I searched the internet years ago and found the Bible Trading cards. The leader approved them and the kids enjoyed them. After a while I felt it was a big expense and I did not feel the kids were getting much out of them anymore. I told the Lord I wanted to change to the Bible trading cards at the dollar store, they were less expensive and not as nice or educational.

One day the Lord had me ask the class how they spend their time studying the word of God.  A large percentage of the kids that did share were talking about the Bible Trading Cards. They were using them as a reference guild, a topic to study, a game the made up, etc. It amazed me how many of them use the cards. I was so proud of them. The Lord was showing me that he did not want me to give up the Bible Trading Cards. So no matter what, I get them. Sometimes I had them out too quickly, but when I think of all the kids that learn from them, it is a blessing and not an expense. My goal is the spread the gospel to these Children so they can be an example to others and share the Good News to others. 

If the Bible Trading Cards helps them learn, study and grow then I will never stop purchasing them. I thought about printing them myself, but the expense of the cardstock, ink and laminate would be just as costly and it would not look as professional."

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